FundNav® Platform for Transactions and Reportings

FundNav® Platform for Transactions and Reportings

With FundNav®, keep your investors informed on the NAV of the fund, pricing of nodes, share key information, reporting and online subscription process.

Your issuer – compartment – class – ISIN
Your Logo
Last Nav (action funds)/ Last Pricing (obligation funds)
History of NAV/Pricing Calculation
Your performance in a graphical view

Onboard new investor

Online, paperless, wet signature

Subform can be completed by manager or the subscriber.

RBA and KYC review by Creatrust

Clear view on all of your onboardings progression

Contract note with your logo and signature

Share hold + their valuation for each investor

Risk Base Assessment for each investor

Extract of shareholder register


ISIN code

Bloomberg ticker

Telekurs ticker


Details about the funds

The investors may see here the conditions of subscriptions and redemption of the Shares or Notes



Details of the fees schedule that is applied by the Fund Manager for this share class



The directory or ‘football’ pages is mentioned here with the name of each counterparty, Fund Manager, Issuer, Management Company, Banker, Broker, Investment Adviser and other information

This part is fully flexible, the Manager can upload any file or add any field required.

This includes the Fund issuance documentation, the audit report, financial statement, description of the underlying assets or any other files that the Manager wishes to share with its investors.

This can also work as a data room for club deals or venture capital projects/funds.

FundNav® Has A 9 Steps Subscription Process

Manage Your
Capital Calls Online

With FundNav®, you are able to manage capital calls for Private Equity, Real Estate or Venture Capital Close-ended Fund Structure.

Within the Subscription Tab of your Fund, select the “+” button at the bottom of your screen.

This will extend an action window where you can press on the “Send Capital Calls” button to access the capital call menu.

Compliance / AML / RBA

FundNav® provides automated process of anti money laundering and help manager to produce a Risk Base Assessment for each investor that will set the AML Risk (ML/TF).

This questionnaire will be review by the administrator and the risk level will be assigned from Low to High risk.

FundNav® can then check the investor’s details, create workflow for the compliance officer, update the documentation to fulfill the requirement of the legislation.

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